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Video: D2.6 Town Hall: Summation


Faculty: Robin Rather, Collective Strength

One of the nation’s foremost town hall moderators will pull everything together in the culmination of the Summit. A lively interchange of ideas and summary of what you can immediately put into action upon returning home are assured. Robin is a recognized expert in sustainability and related policy issues. As CEO of Collective Strength, she specializes in market research, strategy, planning and messaging for corporate, governmental and non-profit clients.

Rather has served as a lead consultant on projects that involve renewable energy strategies, water conservation, the future of healthcare, non-point source pollution, community values, citizens' definitions of a healthy economy, transportation and transit alternatives and corporate trends.

She is frequently asked to work alongside some of the world’s leading experts on comprehensive regional planning. She also conducted a major survey of US sustainability experts on global trends and traveled to Beijing to with environmental, academic and policy leaders in China.