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Video: D1.4 Calculating Carbon Offsets: Where to Start, Where to Stop, Who to Believe

Faculty: Rob Harmon, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Does the world of carbon footprints and carbon offsets give you a migraine? Do you struggle to know what to measure? Do you roll your eyes at all the controversy? Do you wonder whom you can trust? Then this is the workshop for you. Rob Harmon is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. He put the first carbon calculator on the Internet and closed the first retail Green Tag transaction in the United States almost a decade ago. He is an award-winning, nationally recognized leader in the development of national consumer protection standards for the carbon market. Rob is an environmental entrepreneur who takes a pro-environment, pro-consumer, pro-market approach to his work. Rob will lead a discussion on the two approaches to ensuring the “additionality” of carbon offset projects, and explore strategies for reducing your carbon footprint, without stepping in something you can’t get off your shoe.